Welcome to the website of Jan van der Kooi

Jan van der Kooi was born in 1957 and studied at the Art Academy Minerva in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Jan van der Kooi seeks inspiration for his works in his surroundings. Light, space and colour are most remarkable in his oil paintings.

In the paintings objects are usually placed outside the center, viewed from above or aside. Sunlight entering Jan van der Kooi’s studio is a major component of his work. Hence, his palette consists of many light colours.

Jan van der Kooi has worked in other countries and cultures like Nepal and Peru. Every year Jan van der Kooi visits Italy, especially Venice, where the light and water inspires him.

On the essence of landscape - upcoming exhibition

From 6 September 2019 until 19 January 2020 the works by Van der Kooi will be on display along with a series of works by Rembrandt in Museum Draiflessen in Mettingen, Germany.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a trilingual publication (German, Dutch, English).

For more information, please see here.

About Landscape Pain

In an interview placed in two Dutch news papers, Van der Kooi talks about the changes in biodiversity and the animals he painted inside his house in Friesland (in Dutch; Leeuwarder Courant and Dagblad van het Noorden 7 April 2017).


voorstudie Marjolein met fluitekruid / study of Marjolein with cowparsleyzomer atelier-3 / summerstudio-3kameel / camellandschap in Gaasterland / landscape in Gaasterlanddood haasje / dead hare